To be recognized by industry as a leader in providing timely, creative and expert solutions to Health and Safety challanges in the workplace.
American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Northern Tier Safety Association (NTSA)
We are the source of practical, systems-based solutions in Health and Safety Training and Management. We work with the client in a comphrehensive process from assessment to action.

In consultation with client, we will assess your situation and program status.

We will analyze the business situation, the desired results and challanges that exist to attain business goals.

We develop hands-on, streamlined, commonsense training & management solutions.

Evaluate the effectiveness in your organization and
provide feedback on improvements.

  • Provide client-focused customer service
  • Deliver cost-effective solutions
  • Maintain 100% confidentiality
  • Provide value-added technical expertise
  • Maintain long-term client relationships

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